Print Ideas

These are some photos of our images in homes and offices and a few that we superimposed on the wall to see how they would look. We can print any image to any size and finish. Also, we can create triptychs...please order triptychs by phone or email.

  • Canvas - Fine Art Canvas printed with pigmented inks and stretched on a wood stretcher bar frame. (Canvas can also be mounted to a hard board and framed for a more formal look.)
  • Acrylic - A metallic print mounted under a polished plexiglass ready to hang on the wall with a frame-less look.
  • Photo Luster - The image of your choice printed on a photo paper with a luster finish- not too shiny and not too dull- just the right amount of sheen...a pearl like finish.
  • Metallic Paper- A paper print with metallic ink. This style of printing has more vibrant color and contrast.
  • Wood - Our wood prints are unique to our gallery and only available by direct email order or by visiting our gallery. These are custom built "in-house" and printed with special UV inks that are extra durable and resistant to fading.
  • Eco-Board - An Eco-friendly solution for printing and an excellent choice for extra large images. Often used for prints over 10 feet wide. This material is durable and resistant to fading. Also, very light and the perfect choice for filling extra large spaces.